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The Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) is an organisation working for disabled people, promoting independence and equal opportunity through mobility, education and training. The organisations members are people with disabilities themselves.

As a member, you will be entitled to my benefits including discounts on many of the motor distributors eg. Ford, Fiat, Nissan. Discounts on motor, home and life insurance, savings on hotel bookings, for further information visit – link to members benefits…

Membership costs just €10 per year or €50 for lifetime membership and is open to people with limited mobility or with an interest in the association.

The Disabled Drivers Association’s strength is in its members. We are a diverse organisation, involving people of all ages and many different types of disability. Whatever your skills or interests, we encourage you to become actively involved in our association.  For further information on how to become a member please click here to view membership details and benefits.