In early September we introduced a new IT system for the production of the EU Parking Card.

It involved 5 days downtime but also a period of low output in the initial days of the new system. In this period a substantial backlog has grown up in relation to parking permits.

Our staff are working very hard and additional hours to reduce the backlog but there have been significant delays for permit holders in recent weeks. 

We sincerely apologise for the difficulties this has caused people and we would like to thank the vast majority who have been extremely courteous and patient despite the major inconvenience experienced.

We are making an impact and services should return to normal over the course of November.

The permit may be used by the disabled person in any vehicle in which they are travelling, either as a driver or as a passenger.

The laws on parking do not extend to private car parks. Spaces assigned to disabled persons in private or privately operated car parks are operated at the discretion of the car park operator and may incur charges and/or time limits.  The private operator may also choose who the spaces are allocated to in the context of overall accessibility although most recognise the EU parking permit.

The EU parking permit gives parking entitlements only in areas where parking is allowed; parking in clearway lanes, loading bays and bus corridors is not allowed.  Possession of a parking card will not exempt you from being towed in these areas.  Parking on double yellow lines is strictly forbidden.  Parking on single yellow lines is not recommended.

The Parking Permit must only be used by the person to whom it is issued. The vehicle on which it is displayed must be parked to facilitate access by the holder, whose name and photograph are displayed on the card.  Any abuse / misuse will result in its immediate withdrawal.  In addition, those found guilty of fraud in relation to a parking permit (e.g. false declaration at the time of application, forgery of permits, the lending of a permit to another person) are liable on conviction to a maximum fine of €3,000 or a maximum term of 6 months imprisonment.

In Ireland, each EU parking permit is issued for a period of two years.  The date of expiry is clearly marked on the permit and must clearly visible when being displayed. Each permit has an individual serial number, which must also be visible. An out of date parking permit is invalid and has no entitlements.

For further information or if you have any questions please contact one of our knowledgeable staff on 094-9364054 or email:

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