In early September we introduced a new IT system for the production of the EU Parking Card.

It involved 5 days downtime but also a period of low output in the initial days of the new system. In this period a substantial backlog has grown up in relation to parking permits.

Our staff are working very hard and additional hours to reduce the backlog but there have been significant delays for permit holders in recent weeks. 

We sincerely apologise for the difficulties this has caused people and we would like to thank the vast majority who have been extremely courteous and patient despite the major inconvenience experienced.

We are making an impact and services should return to normal over the course of November.

The EU Parking Permit must be renewed every two years.  An out of date parking permit is invalid and has no entitlements. Parking penalties then apply. The Road Traffic Act 2002 empowers the Minister for Transport to apply a fixed charge system to breaches of road traffic law and from 3 April 2006 the offence of illegally parking in a disabled person’s parking bay was brought within the remit of this enforcement regime.  Where illegal parking in a disabled person’s bay is detected, a member of An Garda Siochána or a traffic warden employed by a local authority can issue a Fixed Charge Notice.  The person liable to be prosecuted for the offence has the option, in lieu of going to court, of making a fixed charge payment in the amount of €80 within 28 days from issue of the Notice or to pay that amount increased by 50%, i.e. a fixed charge in the amount of €120 within the next 28 day period.  If no payment is received within 56 days, court prosecution proceedings are initiated.

The Parking Permit must only be used by the person to whom it is issued. The vehicle on which it is displayed must be parked to facilitate access by the holder, whose name and photograph are displayed on the card. Any abuse / misuse will result in its immediate withdrawal. The above illegal parking penalties will also apply. In addition, those found guilty of fraud in relation to a parking permit (e.g. false declaration at the time of application, forgery of permits, the lending of a permit to another person) are liable on conviction to a maximum fine of €3,000 or a maximum term of 6 months imprisonment.

NOTE: Copying a permit, particularly, colour copies constitute an act of forgery. The EU Disabled Person’s Parking Permit is a legal permit and thus the law in relation to the fraudulent use of a permit applies

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