With effect from 29 April 2012, all Disabled Drivers and Passengers buying a new car and entering the VRT/VAT relief scheme will be required to have Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) certification. The Revenue Commissioners will not process applications after this date for VRT/VAT relief for new vehicles unless they are accompanied by IVA certs.

These certs will be issued by the National Standards Association of Ireland (NSAI) and basically are a statement that all adaptations fitted or carried out on your vehicle have been fitted or carried out to the appropriate standard. It is important to note that only adaptation companies who are licenced by the NSAI will have Individual Approval certs issued for their work. Vehicle adaptation companies will liaise directly with the NSAI to obtain the correct documentation and you as the customer will not be required to contact the NSAI for this certification.

It is our understanding that there will be a cost charged to each customer for this certification. So if you are buying a new vehicle after the 29 April and you wish to avail of the VRT /VAT concessions and you are having adaptations carried out on our vehicle, please ensure that you only have this work carried out with companies who are registered with the NSAI. The NSAI are proposing to publish a list of registered adaptation companies in the near future on their website www.nsai.ie.

For further information please contact: Amanda O'Shea, NSAI at 01-8073832 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.