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Sin ad Burke pens inspirational letter in Vogue about her special Met Gala …

The journalist has opened up about her invitation to the Met Ball, and being the first ever little person in attendance at the iconic New York museum this week.“For as... Read more

How an ageing population is changing our healthcare demands

Demographics is the study of statistical data related to populations and the different groups within them. One of the standout facts of the UK’s demographic data is that the population... Read more

Autonomous cars will become like bus services

A survey by Enterprise Rent-a-car has some interesting predictions for our robotic future. Some 28 per cent of Irish adults think that autonomous vehicles will be accessible in similar ways... Read more

DD Motoring Road to recovery

It doesn’t take much to spark a memory to life, be it good or bad. The smell of acid spilt from a busted battery at a serious car accident of... Read more

Residents of inner city village send blunt message to heartless motorist bl…

The driver was sent a less than subtle message about their thoughtlessness Fed up residents of a north inner city village decided to send a blunt message to a motorist... Read more

Why more and more of us are buying automatic cars.

Automatic gearboxes are fitted to all hybrid cars. The increased popularity of hybrid cars has led to a huge increase in the number of automatic cars on our roads. About... Read more

Older drivers more likely to have penalty points for speeding.

Some 38 per cent of drivers over 60 have admitted being fined or receiving penalty points for speeding. A new survey has found that older drivers have been given substantially... Read more

People with disabilities failed by transport in the capital poll finds

Over 80% of people have said that public transport access in Dublin is not accessible to people with disabilities, in a recent poll conducted by Dublin Gazette. Just 18% of... Read more

Gardai seize five disabled parking permits for misuse in Dublin City Extra…

Gardai seize five disabled parking permits for misuse in Dublin City As part of an operation in Dublin City, gardai seized five disabled parking permits as they were being... Read more

I am a blue badge holder and I need a 4WD for farming and off road use. Is …

Car-value expert Aidan Timmons and Gillian Keogh teams up with Motoring Editor Eddie Cunningham to help you make the right choice with your next purchase. Gillian is Editor of a... Read more

New leaflets from RSA on how driving can affect your health

The new leaflet ‘Your Health and Driving’ provides general information for drivers about how their health can affect driving and what they can do to help them to keep driving... Read more

New Guidelines Warn Drivers To Declare Conditions That May Affect Their Dri…

Drivers are being warned to declare if they have a condition that may impact their ability to drive. The Road Safety Authority has updated its medical fitness to drive guidelines... Read more


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